Forging smart deals with China: how to benefit from China’s increased presence in Europe

A pragmatic guide to smart deals with Chinese based on more than 10 years of experience

A balanced picture of China’s increasing presence in Europe

In Forging Smart Deals with China I analyse how, where and why Chinese companies and individuals invest in Europe.

Which type of investments are Chinese investors looking at? What are the main motives to invest in Europe? What are the differences in approach for both state-owned companies and private investors?

How do Chinese business circles view Europeans? Why do deals, after a very promising start, fall through?

Gain unique insights on how to close successful deals with Chinese investors.

Author: Pieter Verstraete
Publisher: Pelckmans Pro
Pages: 245
ISBN: 9789463372046
Language: Dutch

A pragmatic guide to smart deals with Chinese based on more than 10 years of experience

China’s rise – or, more accurately, its return – as an economically global heavyweight has escaped no one’s attention. In the past twenty years, this has caused fascination, apprehension and suspi- cion in the West. Why is China coming here? And if trade with China is an opportunity, how do we in Europe make the best of that opportunity?

Why are the Chinese coming to Europe? How do we deal with Chinese investments? And if trade with China offers opportunities, how do we use them best in Europe? Whether it be the Chinese running the local cafetaria or the Eandis and Huawei cases, the subject is ubiquitous.

‘Forging Smart Deals With China’ provides answers to the questions of entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the opportunities of Chinese investments in Europe. My book guides the reader through the historical context, the Chinese motivations and the way the Chinese business world looks at us. I provide an overview of major Chinese investments in Europe and provide specific tips on how to deal with China.

About Pieter Verstraete

In August 2008 I boarded a plane to China and this was the start of a wonderful deep immersion in China that I could never have predicted.

I have seen the best and the worst sides of China in the last 11 years. This has given me a positive yet realistic look at the opportunities and challenges about working together between Europe and China.

The China experience has given me the opportunity to personally grow and develop a career. This book is the result of more than a decade of living in China and an academic background as a sinologist together with a MBA-degree.

The slew of publications on “how to do business with China” or how to conquer the Chinese market is so full that you can build a tower to the Moon and back with it. The only reason I wanted to write this book was not to add another drop in the ocean but because my perspective is markedly different.

Every other week, I’m at the negotiating table in Belgium, but on the side of the Chinese. My goal is to create partnerships with European companies, partnerships that can produce results both for European and Chinese stakeholders. My goal is to set up smart deals that give a European outfit access to the Chinese market, Chinese capital, and better Chinese sourcing. Then, I take up the role of manager ad interim.

In addition, I have a solid understanding of individual Chinese motivations, the average Chinese businessperson’s circumstances, and their goals. Knowing these motivations is necessary if you want to explain them to European partners and create a sense of hard-won trust between Chinese and European businesspeople.

Who is this book for?


For those who are directly or indirectly involved with China’s growing presence in Europe and seeking for practical tips on how to deal with this.

Executives & Managers

For decision makers within organizations that are already doing business with China or are exploring opportunities to do business with Chinese.


For students who focus on the rise of Asia and China in particular and are looking for pragmatic literature with practical examples.


For anyone with an interest in China or who wants to delve into the rise of this Asian superpower, what this means for Europe and how we can benefit from it.

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